About Daley


About Daley

Daley Erickson is happy and loving wife to her incredible husband of 18 years, Ken Erickson. Together they have two beautiful and spunky kids, Ethan (7) and Avery (4). They have crafted an amazing and super-satisfying life where they serve others while staying present and connected to their loved ones. Together they own a wellness business where they have the privilege to serve people in health every day for the past 12 years to today.

Daley is passionate about helping people sort through the daily obstacles of life to discover a healthy and happy balance. She has managed teams of people and personally coached individuals for the past 18 years. Through her P3 Personal Power Planning sessions, she will help you craft a specific plan on how to tackle your challenges, create and achieve your biggest goals, and start living Your Amazing Life.

Video Chat with Chalene Johnson

My husband Ken and I were totally honored to be a part of Chalene Johnson’s live webcast in Oct 2013. Chalene is an incredible fit life mentor and best-selling author who has led thousands to success. What an amazing experience to talk with her about our incredible experience as graduates of her Smart Success Academy. We learned how to optimize our business/work time so that we could truly enjoy our awesome free time with our kiddos and each other, being able to be connected and present for our loved ones with no guilt feeling. Because after all, that is the best part of what LIFE is all about!!