Get Outta the Land of Procrastination

March 7, 2014 by

Got a nagging task or hurdle hanging over your head that is bugging you or keeping you up at night! Need a kick in the booty? This is FOR YOU!! Let me be your Cheerleader today!! We are all already busy and moving fast, so I know it can be very hard to fit an extra, and often annoying task into your day. But, since you MUST take care of it, here are a few P3 suggestions that I hope inspire you and get a FIRE under you to make it happen!!

  1. Find yourself one quiet hour, pronto: Then, on a fresh notebook page, or computer notepad, spell out your task in a sentence or two. Look at it, and decide: Today is the day you are going to get out of the Land of Procrastination and deal with this.
  2. Open up your schedule: Cross off or cancel irrelevant activities that can push until after you have taken care of this project. Trust me, changing or shifting or even skipping a few activities that you scheduled for yourself will be more than okay- and you will enjoy them much more when you have completed your task.
  3. Identify 3 Intermediate milestones along with the end goal: Depending on the task, brainstorm 3 main steps that need to be accomplished to get to the end of this project.
  4. *Example: With my "day" job at our family business, I have a bunch of these types of tasks come up. Since they aren't particularly "fun", I have to push myself every single time to complete them. Perhaps one of my tasks requires:
    • reviewing lengthy paperwork
    • tracking down two different people to get the information for filling it out
    • making a call to get a question answered
    • Mailing the paperwork in.
    Sounds easy right? However unless I drive each of the steps to completion, it won't get done. So it is the type of task that needs my total diligence and a real push in order to file that task as "completed".
  5. 4-hour Focus: Schedule a 4-hour window as soon as possible to sit down and concentrate on just this task. I recommend you schedule it during the business day so that you can make phone calls or contact that may be necessary to complete the task. You will find the time since you trimmed other activities to work on this. During this time you will call, email, write, run an errand that relates, whatever it takes.
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  7. Get Military and Methodical!!: You have identified in very specific terms what you need to get done, and HOW you are going to do it. At this point, you are getting so close to being accomplished. Put your Get it Done hat on, turn off the distractions, and drive the task!
  8. Push across the finish line!! Follow your intermediate steps in detail! Focus! Finish!! Guess what?? You are THERE!!
  9. Look, I am not telling you anything new here- we have ALL read "Eat That Frog" or other simple systems for getting stuff done. But still- we all procrastinate from time to time, and since you are reading this today, consider this your push!
    You will feel SO amazing and sleep so much better knowing this annoying, hang-over-your head task is done! You are a disciplined, high-level, high-performing individual. You don't drop the ball, you make stuff happen, and you always cross the finish line smiling. Go get it done, and feel the satisfaction of crossing that task OFF your LIST!!

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