A Tougher Season than Most

January 15, 2014 by

You know, right now your social media feeds are FULL of the typical New Year's motivational messages to DO more, BE more, GROW more, etc. But..... the unexpected in life happens too, doesn't it? REALLY tough things slide your way from time to time, and well, you do your best to ride them out quickly and get back to the good stuff of life as soon as you can. Speaking from my recent experience of having one of my parent's health take a severe turn, I am learning that you have to be VERY kind to yourself and very present for the matter at hand. It takes a bite out of your life for sure, and honestly it creates a pretty big shift from your typical routine and happy mental state.

Just as the New Year brings some of us an opportunity for awesome growth, this too is simply a part of our Human Experience. Here are a few recommendations for you, when your Season unexpectedly turns to dealing with life's really tough stuff:

  1. Make plenty of emotional ROOM to deal with it. Enlist friends and loved ones to listen, love and support you. Let them in on what is going on with you so they don't feel hurt when you aren't your usual happy-go-lucky self. Understand that you might feel overwhelmed and more stress right now. Recognizing that will help you deal with the extra emotions.
  2. Accept help when it is offered. Personally, my standard response when help is offered is that "I'm fine" and "I've got it covered." The truth is when you are dealing with illness or worse, your own or a family member's, help can be a huge blessing!! Moreover, people are happy when you accept their help! Give them a chance to serve you in little ways. You know you will return the favor!
  3. Cut out ANY unnecessary commitments from your schedule. People will understand! Newsflash- YOU ARE HUMAN and too much is too much. This is not the time to be over-committed, nor is it the time to be adding more to your calendar!
  4. Nurture your loved ones who need you. Be there, and be present, as much as you can. Give your whole heart over to the matter. Other stuff will be there later, this might not.
  5. blog-_family_hug
  6. Do your best to get decent rest, healthy food and moderate exercise. Especially in times of stress, maintaining wellness as much you can will maintain your health so you can deal with your other challenges.
  7. Recognize that this might not be your "Season" to build, boost or sky-rocket your business, or add a lot of time-intensive commitments to your life. Even if you were in the middle of a growth spurt, you may need to go on maintenance mode while you ride out the tough season you are in. And that is totally OKAY.

I guess you could say tough stuff is part of the "circle of life", but it still is pretty darn hard. The above steps hopefully will help for when you find yourself facing a hard time. Remember to give MORE love to a tough situation and keep moving forward. This too shall pass..... XOXO

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